Class times

Scroll down for a brief overview of all our classes.

CrossFit class

All members can participate in our Standard Class, coached by one of the head trainers. It is 1hr of constantly varied functional movements.

Open gym

This session allows you to carry out your own training. You could practice any specific lifts or movements, attack your favourite WOD or work on your mobility.

Mobility class

This class focuses on efficient movement patterns by targeting flexibility or lack of it! We warm you up then go to work on you!

Competition class

This session is for anyone interested in competing. Workouts will generally be short, heavy and intense with little rest. This class is open to all.

Weightlifting class

For all members. This class is dedicated to the Olympic lifts (snatch, clean and jerk). Each lift will be broken down and explained enabling you to get to grips with these technical movements. The two lifts have a massive carry over into CrossFit classes.

On ramp

This is a course for our new members. It consists of 3 x 90min sessions to teach all fundamentals of core CrossFit movements along with information on the importance of good nutrition and mobility.

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Strongman class

Simply come along and find your inner hulk!