Fuel up with ICON Nutrition

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We are now stocking some of the ICON Nutrition product line at CrossFit Sheffield.

ICON Nutrition are a go-to CrossFit supplements brand and are heavily involved in the sport through supporting throwdowns, attending high profile events to even putting on their own free online competition: The ICON Online Championships.

ICON Nutrition have a strong supplement line with each product having efficacious dosages to ensure you perform and recover as efficiently as possible.

Here’s an overview of some of ICON Nutirtion’s products. For full details you can check out their website: www.ICONNutrition.co.uk

Hibernate Night Time Protein

Hibernate combines 100% grass fed micellar casein with 5-HTP – a precursor to Serotonin. Serotonin is one of the most important brain chemicals for regulating our sleep and wake cycle. Hibernate not only helps with recovery and muscle building whilst you rest but also helps users have better sleep management. What’s more, Hibernate is also blended to be consumed as a delicious hot chocolate drink before bed. It can also be consumed chilled and eaten as a chocolate mousse.

When to take: Hibernate can be consumed in between meals and before going to bed.

100% Whey Protein Evolution

ICON Nutrition’s 100% whey protein powder comes from hormone grass fed cows. They can say 100% whey because they don’t use other protein sources such as pea, soy or hemp protein. ICON Nutrition’s protein powder is rich in BCAAs and other healthy minerals. Each flavour tastes like a delicious milkshake and provides 25g of protein per serving. Each serving only has 125 kcals so if you’re following a reduced caloric diet this protein fits in extremely well.

Flavours include: Cookies N Cream, Strawberry Milkshake, Molten Chocolate, and Cinnamon Vanilla Swirl.

When to take: protein powder can be consumed in between meals, 2 hours before working out and immediately after workout for optimal recover.


ZMA is a night time supplement that is taken before bed. Evidence has shown a direct correlation with deep restful sleep, better recovery and ZMA supplementation. Research shows that exercise and stress results in body losses of zinc and magnesium. This can have a bad effect on several important functions within the body and impair recovery after a tough CrossFit WOD.

When to take: ZMA is best consumed before going to sleep.


Amino Performance is a sports bcaa powder drink available in fruit punch. It features a complimentary 50:50 ratio of BCAAs and L-Glutamine plus a hydrating vitamin and electrolyte complex, Amino Performance delivers a novel, comprehensive amino product.Powered by 4X leucine to other branch chain amino acids means you’re maximizing the body’s ability to fuel skeleton muscle, increase protein synthesis, preserve muscle glycogen and minimize muscle tissue breakdown.

Amino Performance is sugar, caffeine and gluten free.

When to take: amino performance can be taken 15 minutes before a WOD. It can be sipped on during a workout and it can be taken immediately after a WOD.


Battle Oats protein bars offer a healthy snack for CrossFit athletes. They are high in protein, gluten free and packed full of fibre. They offer a 2:1 recovery ratio of carbs:protein so are great for a post WOD snack. Baked fresh every week, Battle Oats are made using only 100% natural ingredients.


ICON Nutrition’s Omega 3 product is a high strength molecular distilled and cold filtrated fish oil ensuring premium purity and freshness. ICON Nutrition’s fish oil is sourced from sustainable wild caught anchovies in Peru and it is this product traceability which separates ICON products from the many others on the supplement market. If you want to reduce inflammation on a cellular level, accelerate recovery, and enhance your ability to perform at maximum capacity consistently then try supplementing with their Omega 3 fish oil.

Let me know if you are interested in any of these products.