Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy at CrossFit Sheffield is nutritional support that goes further than just calorie counting. It’s a process to ensure that the right levels of nutrients are being taken in through your food and that all your body systems are supported.

Getting your nutrition right can mean that the common problems after intense exercise (such as muscle aches, poor sleep, tiredness, lethargy and low energy levels) can be successfully managed and often improved. This means you can reach your optimal health and consequently achieve your fitness and performance goals in all areas of life.

Lucinda during her consultation will look at your diet and lifestyle along with looking at your current health and aiming to support any additional health issues you may have. She can also use body composition analysis to monitor your progress which gives you detailed information such as your body fat percentage, lean muscle mass and hydration levels.

Lucinda is also trained to recommend appropriate nutritional supplements where relevant and is able work alongside any medical treatment you may already be undergoing.


Specially for CrossFit Sheffield, Lucinda and Tony have designed the following packages:

Standard Prices

On Ramp with Nutrition Advice – £100

Rx Nutrition Package – £115

Rx plus Nutrition and training package (POA)