Paleo challenge starts at 00.01 hrs Tuesday 15th

Are you ready?

Good preparation will be the key to success on this.

If you don’t think and plan your meals and shop accordingly you will eat whatever is in your cupboards or dial some crap.

The basic rules are, eat only real food.

If it grew or ran about chances are it’s ok.

Meat,veg, nuts & seeds some fruit little starch and no sugar, this is Crossfit’s take on it.

Please have a quick look at this site, it’s one of many but has cool little lego star wars scenes in it.

It answers all the questions you can think of, including whether to have dairy or not.

Why do 30 days of Paleo?

Why not?

I guarantee if you are strict for 30 days come to the box and workout you will lose body fat, you energy levels will increase, you will sleep better, you will generally feel much better.

I will post more stuff like recipes etc, but get on tinternet and start researching.

Good luck…